Dr. Pradeep Bansal

Dr. Pradeep Bansal UROLOGIST Dr. Pradeep Bansal, is a renowned name in the field of Urology. He is the Director and Unit Head for Urology, Uro-oncology Robotics and Renal Transplant at FMRI, with a rich experience of over 20 years to his credit. Dr Bansal has been associated with several prestigious organisations like Artemis and […]

Dr. Rajeev Sood

Dr. Rajeev Sood UROLOGIST Dr. Rajeev Sood is a Urologist with 36+ years of experience. He was awarded Vishisht Seva Medal by President of India for his outstanding performance and several awards and gold medal during study years. Dr. Sood has expertise in the treatment of Urologic oncology, Bladder prolapse, Cancers, Enlarged prostate, Erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, interstitial […]

Dr. Ram Niwas Yadav

Dr. Ram Niwas Yadav UROLOGIST Dr Ram Niwas Yadav worked in prestigious institutes throughout his career in last 10 years. Apart from kidney transplant, he has a special interest in treatment of urological cancers involving Prostate, Kidney & Urinary bladder and Genitalia. He is trained and skilled in advanced laparoscopic, robotics, and endourological surgeries. Specialty […]

Dr. Mustafa Yektaoglu

Dr. Mustafa Yektaoglu UROLOGIST Dr. Mustafa Yektaoglu is a renowned Andrologist and Urologist, based in Istanbul with extensive 21+ years of experience. His areas of expertise lie in Pediatric Urology and Andrology, management of the Enlarged prostate, Erectile dysfunction, Infertility, Painful bladder syndrome or interstitial cystitis, Kidney diseases, Urinary tract infections, etc. He is a member of the Turkish Medical Association and has both national and […]

Dr. Chirag Bhandari

Dr. Chirag Bhandari UROLOGIST He worked in the Department of Urology at the renowned Bhandari Hospital in Jaipur after completing his Master’s degree in Surgery in Pune, India. He is an andrologist who studied and worked at University College London Hospital, London, United Kingdom. Dr. Chirag is a sexologist in Jaipur with a fellowship in […]

Dr. Muthu Veeramani

Dr. Muthu Veeramani UROLOGIST Dr. Muthu Veeramani is a renowned Urologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon, with a rich experience of more than 21 years. He has expertise lies in the Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD ), Kidney Stone Treatment, Acute Renal Failure, Endoscopic Surgery, Colonoscopy, Urinary Incontinence (Ui) Treatment, Vasectomy, Kidney Stone Treatment, Ureteroscopy (URS), etc. His area of […]

Dr. Deepak Dubey

Dr. Deepak Dubey UROLOGIST Currently associated as Chairman at Division of Urology and Renal Transplantation with Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore Expertise in Renal Sciences, Laparoscopic Urology, Renal Transplantation, Reconstructive Urology and Robotic Surgery in Urology  Performed more than 700 laparoscopic urological procedures and 50 Robotic urological procedures Performed more than 500 laparoscopic live donor nephrectomies and […]

Dr. Manohar T

Dr. Manohar T UROLOGIST Dr. Manohar T is a distinguished Urologist with 20+ years of experience. He specializes in performing various laparoscopic procedures for urological disorders including prostate cancer, PUJ obstruction, kidney cancer, etc.  He has performed 700+ laparoscopic procedures and 9000+ procedures for kidney stones and 6000+ laser surgeries. He is one of the coveted surgeons in the world to do large prostates (ranging from 100->350 gms) […]

Dr. Seral Kannan

Dr. Seral Kannan UROLOGIST Dr. Seral Kannan is a well-known Urologist, with a thriving experience of more than 15 years. His expertise lies in the Surgery Of The Penis, treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction, Vascular Surgery, Vasectomy, Kidney Stone Treatment, and Direct Visual Internal Urethrotomy (DVIU). His area of interest is Endo Urology and Andrology. He is a […]

Dr. Murali Venkatraman

Dr. Murali Venkatraman UROLOGIST Dr. Murali Venkatraman is a famous urologist with 40+ years of experience. He has completed his MS from the University of Bombay and has received Prof. Chinnaswamy Gold Medal in MCH urology. Dr. Murali Venkatraman has presented 27 National papers.  Dr. Murali is a life member of Tamil Nadu Medical Council, Madras Urological […]