Treatment, Diagnosis, and Surgery for Scoliosis in India

The disorder known as scoliosis causes the spine to curve sideways. When viewed from the side, the spine is typically partly curved, but when viewed from the front, it must appear straight. In-depth discussion of scoliosis symptoms, signs, and treatments will be provided in this article. Causes –  The most frequent causes of scoliosis have […]

Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment -Medserg Health

The battle against cancer is currently focused inward, at the patient’s own arsenal of genes, chemicals, and immune systems. Targeted, individualised treatments and more complex diagnostic methods are slowly but gradually replacing the traditional routine of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Combination medicines are being developed to combat cancer. Immunotherapy is a new area that uses […]

Liver transplantation with better liver for healthier living.

Our liver is a highly sensitive organ. Consistent digestive system abuse, such as eating unhealthy meals, consuming large amounts of alcohol, and improper digestion, can result in serious liver issues. Only this organ has the ability to rejuvenate. That is, our bodies have cells that die and then regenerate, making it very easy to cure […]

Reasons why medical tourism in India is the best option for all

People travel to India for its cultural legacy and prevalent habits, which distinguish this diverse country. However, in recent years, India has experienced a rise in another type of tourism that has drawn a large number of visitors to the country: medical tourism. What is medical tourism, exactly? As the name implies, medical tourism is […]

Symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease, investigation and treatment

Bypass surgery also called Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) is a surgical procedure performed to improve the blood flow through blocked artery of heart wherein a blood vessel (graft)from another part of the body is taken and an alternative route or a bypass is created. Heart Bypass surgery Cost in India ranges from USD 4000 […]

How to find the best orthopedic surgeon in India?

India as a destination for orthopedic treatment – Orthopedic surgery is a branch of surgery that is concerned with the problems evolving in the musculoskeletal system of a human body which can be treated using both surgical & nonsurgical methods by consulting an Orthopedic surgeon. Basically deals with the problems which are developed in ligaments, […]

2 common signs and symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders?

Gastroenterology (GE) has progressed dramatically over the previous 50 years. It’s exciting to see that, unlike in the late 1960s, when we had to rely on the semi-flexible Eder-Hufford esophageal or the fading light of an Eder Palmer gastroscope to get a quick glimpse of bleeding varies or establish the diagnosis of a gastric ulcer, […]

Why go to a neurologist for headaches?

We all have different kinds of headaches, but we are never able to differentiate. There are several types of headaches with different underlying causes related to them. Headaches are broadly categorized into two categories: Primary Headache Secondary Headache Migraine headaches Migraine is manifested as a throbbing type of headache, usually on one side of the […]

Everything you need to know about common Heart Disease

Do you know heart disease is one of the primary causes of death in one of the most developed countries, the USA? As per the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, more than six lakh people die every year due to heart diseases just in the USA.  Every day, lakhs of people visit the best […]