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Benefits For Travelling to India For Medical Treatment

India is the most affordable country for medical treatment for people from all over the world. It has seen patients with ample diseases and getting healed. Find out the benefits for patients traveling to India.

Affordable Medical Treatment

The rise in medical tourism to India has been attributed to the start of globalization and India’s opening of its doors to the foreign market, especially in the last two decades. 

The remote regions and towns, that merely had access to water supplies, now get top-notch medical facilities by just crossing international borders.

The dependence on advanced medical tools and procedures, which were previously only available in the US and UK, has greatly decreased as a result of the expansion of the global market and exchange of trade and technologies.

Additionally, by reducing inequality and implementing socialist programs and good governance, India has attracted tourists from a large number of developing nations.

Today, it is evident that India has emerged as the top destination for affordable healthcare, despite geographical and cultural constraints. Here there are Benefits for Patients Traveling to India.

Challenges of Medical Treatments

The principal causes of non-communicable and lifestyle-related diseases, which are leading causes of death worldwide, include cardiovascular, cancer, kidney, respiratory, and diabetes. These conditions necessitate sophisticated operations and high-level care.

Population that is aging swiftly, with 15% of individuals in less developed countries (where there are few high-quality services) and 30% of people in wealthier places (where there are medical facilities) predicted to be over 60 by 2030, respectively.

Despite the best facilities being available in the US and the UK, underinsured and uninsured people seek medical care abroad due to the prohibitive costs of healthcare in some locations. Additionally, insurance may not always cover medical procedures.

Only 52% of Africans, or 615 million people, have access to the healthcare they require, the quality of the continent’s health services is often subpar, and only 50% of the continent’s women and girls have access to family planning services they require.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), there are 0.74 Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCC) per 10,000 people.  In PHCCs, offering 24-hour care is uncommon, and reliance on paper-based medical records is still widespread. While emergency care like burn management is less likely to be offered in more urban areas, general services are more likely to be available there.

General medicine, family medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology physicians make up the majority of the personnel at PHCCs; their numbers are more concentrated in urban regions, while their densities are higher in rural ones. Finally, it is uncommon to locate dietitians and psychiatrists in PHCCs.

How Does Medical Treatment in India Benefit Patients?

The country’s main Medical Treatment hubs include Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. That benefits patients traveling to India for medical treatment.

The medical care available in these major Indian cities is far better and more reasonable than in major developed economies like London, New York, Washington, etc. 

A significant market sector that is anticipated to develop at the quickest rate during the forecast period globally is cancer treatment. From 2018 to 2025, value growth is projected to occur at a CAGR of 15.7%.

India gives multi-dynamic reasons for patients to travel to India for treatment. How can a patient benefit from India, can be read through here.

Hospital Tie Ups

Many super-specialty hospitals in Africa and the Middle East have agreements with Indian institutions that allow for the referral of patients for more expensive treatments. This improves communication between patients and doctors and fosters trust between them.

Cultural Similarities 

Among the many other major medical tourism centers in the nation are Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. 

Kerala is quickly becoming a preferred location for Middle East-based organizations undertaking healthcare expansions. Mostly from the Middle East, Africa, and SAARC nations, patients travel to Kerala. Kerala is quickly gaining popularity as a wellness travel destination thanks to its cool climate and stunning landscape.

Ease of Communication

Patients favor interactions with doctors who are more forthcoming and personable. Digital technology can increase interaction, offer convenient access to care, and foster a long-term two-way relationship.

There are emerging medical tourism companies in India that are bridging the gap between patients and healthcare experts. These companies are offering video/audio conferences, distance OPD, and even cyber-surgeries wherever required. 

Value-Based Care

With the implementation of Ayushman Bharat, we are gradually transitioning to a value-based healthcare system in which payers (the government and TPAs) will reward hospitals based on a variety of clinical and operational factors, hospital readmission rates, patient falls, bed sores, one-year survival rates for organ transplants, and hospital-acquired infections, to name a few.

Best Company for Medical Treatment in India

India houses more than 10,000 adroit healthcare professionals, who are on their toes to serve you a disease-free, healthy lifestyle. 

Now you must be having thoughts on how to visit, whom to consult, and where to get treatment.

You are already scrolling through the right site. Medserg Health is a well-established medical tourism company in India, which acts as an interlocutor between you and the medical team. 

The company offers multiple and flexible treatment packages, covering major minor surgeries, from your head to toe. 

It also offers pre-visit consultations to the patients, and second opinions when required. 

Additionally, Medserg offers all the facilities, assuring you a phenomenal and safe stay. 


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